The well known French philosopher; former French Minister of Education Luc Ferry will give two lectures in Beijing Sept.2014

In collaboration with the Franco-Chinese artist Li Chevalier, the French philosopher Luc Ferry will give two lectures in Beijing


Luc Ferry's inaugural Conference will be held on Sept 10th at the auditorium of the French embassy in Beijing, where the works of two generations of French-Chinese artists, Zao Wuki, Zhu Dequn, li Chevalier, are on display, a testimony to the creative spirit born from cross-culture fertilization. His second Conference, on Sept 10th , will be hold at the Central Art Academy of China on Sept 11th.


Luc Ferry's first lecture in Beijing WEBLINK


Artist li Chevalier, for whom the prism of aesthetic emotion is key to art, had always dreamed about a dialogue between the East, her roots, and the West, where her art flourished, to widen the thinking on the universality of beauty. She has thus invited the well known French philosopher, former Minister of Education Luc Ferry in Beijing for sharing his thoughts with local artists and thinkers. The talks will also be an opportunity for Luc Ferry to sign his latest essay "Destructive Innovation" which advocates a beyond-borders movement of re-conquest of beauty in art.



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Luc Ferry, former French Minister of Education and a regular columnist for Le Figaro and Radio Classique, is the author of more than thirty books on philosophy, many devoted to aesthetics and the theory of arts; he is well known for his strong stand against what he calls the “imposture” of a pervasive aesthetic nihilism in contemporary art, and for his open critics towards the neo-totalitarian creed which proclaims "art that does not bother is not art". The philosopher will share with the audience his deep conviction that the past century's deconstructions and ruptures with the magnitude of false values it spread, has faded away as art embarks on a path towards its own reconstruction, in a twenty-first century where beauty will reemerge and regain its lost paradise.


The events are organized in the framework of France-China 50, with the support of the French Embassy in China, the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China, Window on China / The Office of Science-Po Beijing / The Center for Cultural Exchange and Arts of China

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