li Chevalier's hybrid vision spans two continents- 

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Li Chevalier's hybrid vision spans two continents 


Globle Times [09:27 December 09 2010]


 By Wu Ningning



Although Western art exhibitions are gradually becoming the main event of the National Art Museum of China, it is now using its gallery to spotlight its original art strengths: the traditional oriental art.


From December 7 to December 15, in French-Chinese artist Li Chevalier's solo exhibition entitled Contemplating the Orient, a series of ingenious Chinese landscape paintings mixed with philosophical thought go on show.


By using ink on canvas, Li Chevalier transcends the classical ink-on-paper model, makes her own version and expresses her art thinking in unorthodox formats. Therefore her works have been hailed as a creative and exciting reconciliation of Chinese and European aesthetics in which a particular Chinese sensitivity appears through the artful blending of Western and Eastern.


As an artist working at the crossroads of East and West, Li Chevalier studied philosophy at the Sorbonne, and received her post-graduate degree in Fine Art at the avant-garde Central St Martins College of Arts and Design in London. Her works have been showcased in more than 30 exhibitions in Europe and Asia during the last 10 years.


"Her hybrid expertise in philosophy and art, as well as her multiple experiences drawn from the east and the west offer her great versatility. She peoples the essence of the Chinese spirit in a very fluid and intuitive way onto her canvas," said Peng Feng, the art curator.


Having toured and studied in Europe for more than 15 years, returning to China with her works, the emerging artist is glad to see the impact of her work. She credits the recognition of her return to an oriental philosophical tradition which awakens people's inner wisdom.


"In the overwhelmingly noisy, neurotic and rebellious modern art world characterized by subversive and provocative visual shocks, I strive to free my viewers from earthly gravitation to reach an aesthetic and spiritual elevation," said Li.


"Her work is the dialogue between the art and philosophy, East and West, people and the universe," said Hervé Ladsous, ambassador of France.



When: Until Dec 15 Where: National Art Museum of China, No.1, Wusi Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing Contact: 6400-6326

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