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Solo exhibition of Li Chevalier opens at the National Art Museum of China 12-09-2010 08:51


A solo exhibition of works by French-Chinese artist Li Chevalier called "The Poetic Orient" has opened at the National Art Museum of China.Her pictures show us elements of traditional Chinese ink painting in an environment where light plays an important role.


Entering the hall of the exhibition, visitors immediately feel they are being taken on a voyage to the center of Chinese art. The conflict between white and black in the pictures reminds them of Chinese ink painting. At the same time, her works show the influence of western painting style with modern techniques.


Li Chivalier, Artist, said, "I think it's the time for the artists to show the elements and the soul of Chinese art with the modern technique, for getting an effect both elegant and refined, just like in a poem."


For the critics, the use of the Chinese ink with the light element makes an effect so different from traditional work. Her works take visitors into a fascinating world. A world of spirit created by the effect of light. Christine Cayol, Art Critic, said, "For me, the white color of the work of Li Chevalier and its recall of the invisible take us to a place far far away, to a world sometimes nervous, sometimes painful, sometimes welcoming, whatever... a world full of humanity."


From the beginning of 20th century, the Chinese artists tried to find a way to revive Chinese art. Since 100 years ago, artists like Xu Beihong, Lin Fengmian, and Zao Wou-Ki were trying to connect Chinese art and western art. The exhibition of Li Chevalier follows this same direction, adding the poetic strokes of traditional Chinese elements. "The Poetic Orient" exhibition is open to the public at the National Art Museum of China until December 15th. 

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